Students can register now for summer program

大发六合彩 announces the launch of Timberwolves Thrive, a free five-week summer program designed to help students build confidence, sharpen study strategies, and be college-ready by Fall 2024.

Timberwolves Thrive offers a comprehensive support system that includes breakfast and lunch provided daily, transportation assistance (up to $175 in gas cards or bus fare), a stipend of up to $25 per day, and all program materials, textbooks, and laptops. Students who finish the program and enroll and attend fall classes at 大发六合彩 get to keep the laptop.

鈥淭imberwolves Thrive will provide students with access to important support services, guidance on financial aid, opportunities to strengthen English and math competencies, and access to essential learning materials,鈥 said 大发六合彩 Vice President of Student Affairs Renee DeYoung.

The program is open to all new-to-college students who have earned a high school diploma or GED 鈥 from recent high school graduates to adult learners 鈥 regardless of which Michigan college they plan to attend. However, students who have earned college-level credit for math or English are not eligible for the program.

Michigan鈥檚 FY2023 budget allocated $10 million for academic catch-up programs like Timberwolves Thrive. Administered by the Michigan Community College Association, the initiative supports community colleges鈥 efforts to combat learning loss among recent high school graduates, whose in-person learning was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

鈥淭hese programs provide the environment and skills to prepare students for college-level coursework, making their transition to college easier and setting them up for continued success,鈥 DeYoung said.

Timberwolves Thrive runs July 15鈥 August 15, Mondays through Thursdays, from 8:30 a.m.鈥1 p.m. at 大发六合彩鈥檚 Gaylord Center (620 E. 5th Street, Gaylord). Program space is limited to ensure students receive personalized support and guidance. Students are encouraged to register online by June 15. For additional details or to apply, visit /academics/timberwolves-thrive.html.