Working Papers and Work in Progress


Isabel Marcin, Pedro Robalo and Franziska Tausch (2016). Institutional Endogeneity and Third-party Punishment in Social Dilemmas. R&R at the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization.


Claudia Cerrone, Yoan Hermstrüwer and Pedro Robalo (2018). Debarment and Collusion in Procurement Auctions. Submitted.


Pedro Robalo (2017). The Microfoundations of Grassroots Mobilization: Evidence From the Laboratory. Submitted.


Pedro Robalo and Rei Sayag. Eye-tracking Bayes: an Experiment on Belief Updating. Experimental sessions completed. Most recent presentation.




Pedro Robalo and Rei Sayag (2018). Paying is Believing: The Effect of Costly Information on Bayesian Updating. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 156: 114-125.


Pedro Robalo, Arthur Schram and Joep Sonnemans (2017) Other-regarding Preferences, In-group Bias and Political Participation: an Experiment. Journal of Economic Psychology 62: 130-154.


Tiago Sequeira and Pedro Robalo (2008). Schooling Quality in a Cross Section of Countries: a replication exercise and additional results, Economics Bulletin, 9: 1-7.
Unpublished Manuscripts
João Cotter Salvado and Pedro Robalo (2008). Oil Price Shocks and the Portuguese Economy Since the 1970s, FEUNL Working Paper Series wp529, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Faculdade de Economia.
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